“I have worked with Shelly for many years. She is a great mentor and has not only taught me so much but given me opportunities to learn while working together. Shelly is hardworking, dedicated and driven. Shelly sets a great example through her work ethic. I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had to work with Shelly over the years!!”
Diane Liliestedt
LNHA (Licensed Nursing Home Administrator) CEO-Menorah Park for Senior Living
“Shelly has much knowledge and experience regarding the long-term care industry and human resources and is able to make an immediate positive impact on your organization.”
Paul Psota
CEO at Altenheim Senior Living
“Shelly is a high energy focused executive that is passionate about doing it right. Working with her is a joy and rewarding.”
Ned Parks
Business consultant connecting leadership | Culture | Strategy/CFII Cirrus CSIP
"Shelly is extremely knowledgeable with any area of marketing and managing a skilled nursing facility and the market in general. She has been an invaluable resource for me in several aspects such as survey compliance, reimbursement, and back-office administration. In addition to these areas Shelly can be counted on to have her finger on the pulse of the industry's current challenges.”
Elias Coury
CEO at BHP Management & Midwest Medical
“Shelly has displayed true professionalism in our interactions. As a leader of a Continuum of Care Facility, as well as managing her own consulting business, I have been impressed that she has still taken time to interact meaningfully. In one particularly stressful situation involving resident care, she maintained the ability to communicate and resolve her concerns diplomatically. She is a leader in our field, and a pleasure to work with.”
Erik Kennerk
Business Development Manager - Sales Professional, Coach and Trainer
“Shelly is a detailed oriented individual that exudes professionalism. Her leadership and relentless effort for what she believes in is impressive. She is always willing to take the path less traveled regardless of the challenges to move her associated business forward. Shelly’s leadership abilities coupled with her professionalism is a great asset to any organization.”
Chad Duchette LION
Chief Operations Officer; Cornerstone Nurse Practitioners of Ohio
“Shelly has provided a level of expert knowledge and leadership to our organization in a multitude of ways. The support and resources she has shared has provided our staff the professional growth and development necessary to maintain our Five STAR quality rating, successful transition to MDS 3.0, and global organizational changes.”
Lisa Deering
Director of Patient Stay Services at University Hospitals of Cleveland
“I have known Shelly for many years through our involvement with the Ohio Health Care Association. Earlier this year we began collaborating on consulting for long-term care organizations. I have found her to be a strong, knowledgeable, and highly motivated professional. Her assessments are right on target, and she can help any team set appropriate, achievable goals centered on the highest quality of care for those we serve. Shelly has extraordinarily strong business and organizational skills that she can share with effectiveness and meaningfulness. She is a wonderful team member, mentor, and leader.”
Ginger Schuerger-Davison
RNC, LNHA, Consultant at Long Term Care Consulting
“Shelly steps up to the plate when the other players are still warming up! She is ahead of the game. She is professional and warm. She can integrate her own personal life experiences into her work, which allows her to see beyond what is in front of her. I genuinely enjoyed our professional working relationship; she is an asset to any project!”
Mary Daughters
Clinical Consultant, Corporate Sales Trainer, Medical Device
“I highly recommend Shelly for working with your organization. I worked directly for Shelly and cannot say enough about her leadership, expertise, and knowledge, especially within the healthcare industry. Shelly is a bright and personable individual. She is highly self-motivated and capable of achieving any goal she sets her mind to. Shelly was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with her team. She was an excellent mentor and had the ability to make you want to work even harder. Her loyalty, integrity, and hard work are true measures of her great leadership. Shelly is truly a visionary and willing to explore innovative and innovative solutions to problems. Her vision and her enthusiasm ignited her team to achieve impressive results. She would be an asset to any company, and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.”
Shelly Fink, LNHA
“Shelly is a business leader with a very balanced approach. She understands the complexity of healthcare but is always cognizant of the need to work through people's systems for superior results. She is fair and honest with business partners and will find a win-win in the decision-making process. She is an astute change manager and keeps well informed on the ever-changing landscape in healthcare. I highly recommend her.”
Kevin Fearon
Chief Operating Officer, R.Ph., MBA Absolute Pharmacy Inc
“Shelly is a professional woman who believes in teamwork, professionalism, loyalty, and integrity. Shelly has the motivational skills to bring a group of people together and form a productive team to successfully complete projects and to create better working relationships between employees. Shelly has a way of making people believe in themselves and their company through setting goals and teaching them that they are a big piece of the puzzle. Employees want to do better, and they want to please their employers and Shelly is good at making this happen. Her leadership skills are far beyond any I have seen in the corporate world, her employees look up to her as not only their supervisor and their leader but as a mentor. Shelly is detail oriented and is great with budgeting and the day-to-day operations of the company. I would recommend Shelly as a consultant in the business community and an executive professional. Shelly would be an asset to have on any team.”
Rachel Harris
Customer Service Manager
“Shelly has been a fantastic partner to work with over the years. Her knowledge on the industry and leadership style is very much admired and appreciated.”
Liz Lane, CPA
Manager of Accounting Services at Richter Healthcare Consultants