WoundRounds – Strategic Partnership

woundroundsWoundRounds, a product of Telemedicine Solutions LLC, is the point-of-care wound management and prevention solution empowering better wound care in less time. WoundRounds brings mobile technology to the bedside to help providers standardize assessments, improve outcomes tracking, and maintain skin integrity. Our customers report higher wound patient referral revenue, lower overall costs of care, improved healing rates, lower return-to-hospital rates, and reduced risk and liability.

Quality Outcomes

What if you improved wound care outcomes?

  • WoundRounds empowers nurses to improve both the quality of wound care by providing real-time data & clinical tools that drive better care and better outcomes
  • WoundRounds users report fewer avoidable wounds, reducing unnecessary cost, risk and liability
  • WoundRounds helps customers meet 3 out of 4 focus areas of AHCA’s Quality Initiatives: hospital readmissions, staff stability, and customer (patient) satisfaction.

Financial Outcomes

What if you improved revenues and decreased wound care costs?

  • WoundRounds simplifies wound care products reimbursement
  • WoundRounds users report lower rehospitalization rates, allowing facilities to avoid lost revenues and better compete for patient referrals
  • WoundRounds save on wound care costs with fewer avoidable wounds and nurse time savings

Time & Labor Savings

What if you spent more time on patients and less time on paperwork?

  • WoundRounds users report 8-10 hours of nurse time savings each week
  • WoundRounds automates documentation, treatments, and reporting, making paperwork a thing of the past
  • WoundRounds simplifies wound assessments and treatments, providing step-by-step prompts and best practice interventions, all at the touch of a button on your mobile device

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