Post-Acute Strategy

With the U.S. population aging, the number of people receiving post-acute care is expected to increase rapidly. For example, the number of patients receiving home health services increased by almost 10% in 2010. Given the clinical complexity and the frequency with which they transition between medical settings, these repeat patients are particularly vulnerable and costly to our health system.

Our post-acute care alignment consultants assist clients in evaluating their current post-acute care strategy and network to assess how effective it is in improving outcomes, lowering costs (through reducing average length of stay [ALOS] in the acute setting and curbing re-admissions), and reducing leakage of patients outside of the organization’s network. We then design a plan to execute this strategy, and our experts ensure an organized and results-driven post-acute care implementation to provide a more streamline patient care continuum.

  • Improve patient care outcomes
  • Reduce costs associated with transitions across the care continuum (ALOS, re-admissions)
  • Increase your system’s brand and reduce leakage outside your system

Healthcare Contract Management

  • Skilled nursing facility
  • Residential care facility
  • Complete management & corporate oversight available

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