Marketing and Service Development

What leading agencies know: They plan for their future. They know their competitors and they know what referral sources really want. They also recognize that exceptional customer service is key to their future. DHP can help you reach your strategic goals, gain a competitive edge, maximize relationships with your referral sources and help you understand how you can quickly increase your value to them.

Marketing and Referral Enhancement

Our goal is simple: to help you increase referrals and referral satisfaction. Whether it is to increase referrals in a new service line or to increase referrals for your existing services, we’ll provide you with the support you need to achieve the results you want.

Customer Service

Impact your staff, referral sources and patients with this one program. A practical, strategic approach dedicated to helping you create a new unique culture for your organization, one that will help set you apart from your competitors.

Focus on creating an organizational culture where all staff members are absolutely committed to making yours the most customer-sensitive and customer-responsive agency in your service area. A customer service program which involves all three of your customer groups – patients, referral sources and staff – in the creation of a customer service culture that ensures that individuals in each group are treated with respect, dignity, sensitivity and aggressive responsiveness.

Culture Change and Implementation

The full program is implemented, addressing all three of your customer groups: patient, referral source and staff.